La La Land – “A Lovely Night”


Movie Location Weddings was founded by owner Bryce Gouldsmith, in order to bring together his love of movies and passion for performing outstanding wedding/vow renewal ceremonies. Mr. Gouldsmith enjoys performing novel ceremonies and believes that when done right, weddings and vow renewals should be personalized, unique, exciting and most of all fun! It was from this vision that Movie Location Weddings was born. The concept eventually grew beyond movies, to include locations which are featured in TV shows, music videos, K-Pop and even video games! Today, we have expanded our database to include several thousand locations, and we are now more committed than ever to carry out our founder’s vision of providing extraordinary wedding and vow renewal ceremonies to everyone. With our devotion to the past and our strong determination to improve upon on this legacy, we will face the future head on with the same passion and zeal which has made this company a success.