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Weddings and vow renewal ceremonies can be stressful. We here at Movie Location Weddings want to take some of the guesswork out of this process. So we have included answers to some our most frequently asked questions below.

What is Movie Location Weddings, and what services do you provide?
Movie Location Weddings is a wedding officiation and venue planning/coordination service. Not only will we officiate your wedding/vow renewal ceremony, but we also will help you to select the location of your choice. We have thousands of venues to choose from, featuring some of the most critically acclaimed movies, TV shows, music videos, K-Pop, video games and more! Whether you’re a fan of romantic comedies, sci-fi, dramas, or action, we will find the perfect setting for you special day. In addition, we have a vast network of industry contacts, and we can even offer referrals for many of the products and services that you would expect for a wedding/vow renewal ceremony, as well as some you may not.
Where can we have our wedding, or vow renewal ceremony?
Movie Location Weddings operates exclusively California. So, you can get married or perform your vow renewal ceremony in almost any county within the state.
What type of wedding ceremonies do you perform public, or private?
We perform only public wedding ceremonies. So, if you want us to officiate your ceremony, you must obtain a public marriage license.
Do you officiate vow renewal ceremonies as well?
Yes, we do. We are always happy to share in your special moments as a couple, including vow renewal ceremonies.
Is it possible for us and/or our officiant to wear costumes or use props?
Of course it is! We only ask that the attire is appropriate for the ceremony and weather conditions. In fact, we can even offer suggestions on where to rent or buy such clothing/props. (*Please note: additional fees may apply if you want your officiant to wear special attire or use a prop.)
We want to do something special for our wedding/vow renewal ceremony. Would it be possible for you to do this?
Absolutely, so long as it does not violate any laws and is within the confines of good taste, we will do our best to accommodate your request.
Can you offer any suggestions on a florist, caterer, photographer, etc.?
Yes! We have a network of several wedding/vow renewal ceremony product and service providers, including many you would not expect.
How long is a marriage license valid?
A marriage license is valid for approximately 3 months, (or 90 days) from the date that it is issued.
How much time do we have to pick up a marriage license once it has been issued?
You have approx 15 days to pick up the license. Also, you should appear at the issuing office, with your partner and have valid IDs to avoid any issues, or delays.
Do vow renewal ceremonies require a license?
No, they do not require a license or any additional government forms. After all, you are already married !
We already have our marriage license, but we want to get married in another county. What do we do?
Don’t worry. A California marriage license is valid anywhere in the state. It just has to be returned to the county where it was issued.
How many witnesses can we have at our wedding ceremony?
You need at least one person, but you can have no more than two.
We just got married. Where is our Marriage Certificate? Can you provide us with one?
A Marriage Certificate is an official document and cannot be issued by us. You will have to request this document from the appropriate branch of government, typically the county clerk’s office. However, you should speak with the county that issued your marriage license to check for any changes or alterations to this policy.